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Homes & Land Blog > 10 Small Space Decorating Tips You'll Want to Try

10 Small Space Decorating Tips You'll Want to Try

thumbIn a small space, everything stands out. Make it stand out your way with these ten tips for sprucing up on a small scale.

1. A place for everything...

It is helpful to view problems from a new perspective. That’s why you should have a floor plan. You don’t need to be an architect to sketch a floor plan of your space; measuring tape and graph paper work just fine. Keep in mind that a bird’s eye view of your space can be a real problem solver!

2. ...Everything in its place

Cleanliness and organization take on new importance in a small space. An unmade bed causes a lot of visual static in a tiny room, for example. 

Quick Tip 

The less cluttered your space is, the larger and more natural it will look.

shutterstock_3211993763. Edit voraciously 

Form must follow function in a small space, so keep only what you use daily and decorate with practical objects like lamps, tools, and dinnerware. If it has no practical use, ask yourself if its aesthetic appeal is worth the space it takes up.

4. Add only as needed

Take your time when decorating a small space. If you begin with a bare bones setup, your daily life will elucidate what you need and what you can live without. Keep a list of necessities and add slowly.

5. Show it off

shutterstock_137291960Since your small space requires a balance of practicality and decoration, combine the two with open storage. This works especially well in small space kitchens since cabinet space is either limited or nonexistent. Open storage helps keep you honest, too.

6. All of the lights

A single overhead light source may illuminate your whole place, but you’ll be cast in a bad light. Instead, create individual lighting “zones” in your small space by using small, soft light sources like desk lamps and sconces.

7. Up the walls

Create the illusion of a larger space by hanging large framed artwork. Huge prints or canvases serve the same visual purpose as windows, and in some spaces, they'll probably offer a better view to boot. Similarly, choose the wall over the floor when distributing storage and display space.

shutterstock_1942932988. Upon reflection

Mirrors are well known to visually enlarge small spaces and add a sense of depth to a room. The same goes for glass door panels, acrylic furniture, and other transparent pieces of décor. Any shapes that maintain the long lines of a room will make the room appear larger.

9. Double your purpose

When selecting furniture, identify opportunities to incorporate storage into space that would otherwise go unused. Storage beds and ottomans that double as chests are common examples.

shutterstock_32482280310. Vertical integration

Tall, narrow furniture and storage pieces visually enlarge a space better than their low-slung counterparts. The space between eye level and ceiling level is frequently wasted, so choose furniture that makes use of it.


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