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Homes & Land Blog > Florals Are In 2018. Here's How To Use Them.

Florals Are In 2018. Here's How To Use Them.

By Lisa Batson Goldberg, Houzz 

Flowers make a bold statement and are way outside of the neutral comfort zone so many of us find ourselves in when choosing home decor. But whether you’re a current flower lover or a little flower shy, here are some reasons why florals are in and will add happiness to your life.

1. Flowers Capture Feeling

Design is about how you want to feel in your home. One of the main reasons I love working with florals in design is that flowers can capture a feeling in a special way.

A pale pink rose print can feel whimsical and romantic, while a vibrant tropical pattern offers a dramatic and energizing boost. A bold and contemporary print can capture a fun and playful vibe, while a giant floral mural can be oh so romantic. It’s all about finding the right floral for you.

When choosing how to incorporate floral patterns into your design, you’ll want to pick the size, color and type of flower that suits the feeling you want to capture in your space.

For relaxing rooms, try a medium-size floral in fresh and light tones. For spaces to energize and inspire, have a look at some large-scale floral inspiration in more bold and vibrant hues.

For a more sultry space, try dark or oversized florals. A little (like on throw pillows) or a lot (such as on a feature wall) of those rich, dark and dramatic flowers will make the room feel lush and luxurious.

florals are in Summer Thornton Design Inc, original photo on Houzz

Floral inspiration: This lavish bench in a small-scale dark floral fabric, paired with other bold and vibrant pieces, adds even more drama to this colorful space.

2. Flowers Mean Color

Floral design can be a wonderful addition to any neutral space. Color has a radical boosting effect on our mind and body, which is why incorporating color in any way will bring some serious good vibes to your space.

The wonderful thing about introducing color with a floral pattern is that it’s an easy way to find a color scheme for your space. Floral patterns will usually feature several colors to get that true-to-life garden effect. All you have to do is a find a pattern that speaks to you and your color scheme is set.

Once you’ve picked your pattern and chosen how it will be featured (fabric, wallpaper, art or furniture), you can use it as inspiration to highlight dominant colors or use more complementary colors from the pattern to diversify the color palette and bring more energy and vibrancy to the space.

florals are in Town House Interiors, original photo on Houzz

Floral inspiration: The dramatic drapes and valance in this large-scale monotone floral fabric creates a luxurious feel and adds a pop of pink in this bright bedroom space.

florals are in Indie Style Interiors, original photo on Houzz

3. Floral Is Fun

One of the biggest things clients want when it comes to design is not just a more aesthetically pleasing home, but a home they can <em>enjoy</em> more. Flowers are the perfect place to start. Nothing captures all the happy hues of the human experience quite like flowers. The whimsical way about them contributes a burst of peace and playfulness to any space.

In considering how and where to introduce floral designs to your home, ask yourself: “Where could I feel a little more playful?” Maybe flowers could lighten up the mood in your office, create some fun in the kitchen or provide a little more design playfulness in your bedroom space.

Once you decide on the room, it’s time to find the perfect floral. Even the search is fun when it comes to florals — so get out there, trust your gut and create some magic!

Floral inspiration: This airy piece of art and fun throw pillow create a double dose of floral in this living space. The complementary floral patterns and colors offer an even greater level of character and charm.

4. Flowers Bring Some Seasonal Love

Floral design doesn’t need to be a year-round thing in your home design. You can enjoy just a little flower inspiration in the sunny summer months as a great way to ease yourself in.

Temporary pops of floral during warmer months will increase the happiness in your home space <em>and</em> amplify the impact of summer in your life. Introduce a couple of throw pillows that can be changed out in the cooler months. Or a piece of vibrant, floral art might be all you need to start feeling the floral love.

florals are in Rigby & Mac, original photo on Houzz

Floral inspiration: Floral-patterned throw pillows create a whimsical summer feel as well as some color and visual interest to this otherwise neutral bedroom space.

5. Florals Are In

Flowers are trending in a big way these days when it comes to design, which means floral has become more available, interesting and versatile. In years past, floral fabrics and patterns were more conventional, muted, pale and classic in tone and pattern — and were often used in more traditional ways.

There is a vibrancy, drama and boldness to the contemporary floral that just didn’t exist before. What this means for your home design is simple: <em>choice</em>. There are countless beautiful floral options out there, no matter what kind of flowers inspire you, what colors you like or how you want to feel in your space. So if you take your time, do a little research or maybe even hire a designer to help, you can easily find the perfect floral for your home.

Looking for a good some floral inspiration? By far my favorite company creating stunning florals right now is Designers Guild, a London-based company designing some of the most beautiful floral wallpaper and fabrics in the world, although they are definitely on the pricey side.

Other favorites include Ellie Cashman Design (wallpaper and fabric), Surface View(murals and wallpaper) and Caitlin Wilson Design (fabrics and wallpaper).

florals are in Eclectic Home Office, original photo on Houzz

Floral inspiration: This subtle pop of dark, large-scale floral on the back of the chair creates character in this office nook without making too much of an impact. Even the smallest amount of floral brings depth and richness to an otherwise neutral space.

6. Nature Is Nurture

Providing an endless array of design inspiration, flowers are the cream of the crop when it comes to re-creating nature’s calming and relaxing effects at home.

Surrounding yourself with a little floral in minimal or more dramatic ways will naturally bring a soothing vibe to your home space.

florals are in Rikki Snyder, original photo on Houzz

Floral inspiration: This feature wall of hand-painted floral prints in various sizes and colors makes this living space feel like spending an afternoon in a breezy and relaxing summer garden.

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