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Home Renovations that Pay Off

Whether you are preparing to sell your home or just looking to make some smart renovations as an investment, there are certain upgrades that may have a bigger impact than others. Today’s home buyers can be quite persnickety when it comes to choosing a home that is move-in ready and updated to host all of the modern conveniences. Follow these top value renovation tips that are guaranteed to pay off!

A coat of paint can do wonders.

shutterstock_492784702To increase the visual square footage, use the same light neutral paint color throughout the home. To create depth, consider adding a chair rail in the dining room and paint the bottom of the wall a darker or contrasting color. Do not forget to put a fresh coat of paint on all the trim to make it pop!

Worn out dirty carpets or broken flooring must be replaced.

There are flooring options to fit every budget and space! Many older homes have beautiful hardwoods hiding underneath layers of dirty carpeting. To tie the home together and save money, use the same flooring for kitchen and bathrooms while repeating hardwoods or laminates throughout the living areas.

Popcorn ceilings are a real turnoff to potential buyers.

These types of ceilings tend to accentuate the age of your home. Consider hiring an expert to scrape and refinish yours to create a look that is smooth and seamless. This is a big job but will erase years off of your home!

A little landscaping can go a long way.

shutterstock_121318315Plant some flowers by the mailbox and trim the hedges. Use potted plants and chairs to create an inviting front porch or back deck area.

Adding some path stones that lead to a fire pit or garden will break up the yard and add some much-needed whimsy!

Bathrooms are a huge selling point for the discerning buyer.

They should be as updated as your budget allows. Not only do new fixtures add value, they create a clean environment that feels new. If you are counting pennies, focus on paint and smaller fixtures to get more bang for your buck. Often times, simply swapping out brass faucets and vanity mirrors can bring the powder room into the current decade of style.

Like bathrooms, the kitchen provides a huge renovation investment return.

shutterstock_365319476The modern home buyer expects a streamlined kitchen with a clean and open layout. Renovations in this area can include cabinet facelifts, countertops, flooring and most importantly, appliances. Shop scratch and dent sections at home and appliance stores and online sales of slightly used appliances to keep the cost down. Though there are many options, stainless steel is still king.



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