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Homes & Land Blog > Living Space: Absolutely Healthy and Relaxing

Living Space: Absolutely Healthy and Relaxing

By Victoria Lim 

Our home should be our shelter from the outside noise, problems and influences. It needs to provide us with safe space, a place where we feel protected and relaxed. Our living space has to be our source of calmness, where we charge our batteries and decompress.

This is why we need to pay attention to how we decorate our house and organize our furniture. Every item that we choose must be in harmony with what we are trying to achieve and how we want to feel in our home.

A peaceful corner of your own

healthy and relaxing

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When the term of a relaxing home is mentioned, many people nowadays think of meditation as an ultimate source of calm and peace. Yes, you should find a corner in your home and make it your own - a place to contemplate, relax and meditate. Since meditation experts suggest at least 20-30 minutes of meditation, it is natural that you will need a private space for that. Don't choose a room that is too dark or you may fall asleep - let it be a simple room with natural colors. If you don't have the luxury of having a whole room just for yourself, make a corner in a room your sanctuary - place around objects important to you, such as a candle, symbols of your faith, photos of the people you love.

healthy and relaxing

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As sitting is the most desirable position, get a comfortable chair and maybe some pillows. Elements of nature also contribute to the meditative state, like pebbles or a feather, or even a plant. Also, music is a great part of any relaxation, so make sure your home is filled with relaxing music, whether it is the sound of the ocean, the chirping of birds or classical music.

Living room - the center of every home

This is the room where people spend most of their time and where they entertain. There are numerous tricks to use to make it an ever-relaxing space.

- soothing colors of the room - a palette of warm colors brings easiness into a room - dark brown, cream and white create a calming atmosphere.

- natural light - if you are lucky that your living room has a view of the garden, organize it in the way that the furniture is facing the windows, so that the whole room bathes in light. In the evening, try to mimic the natural light by using full-spectrum bulbs. Instead of turning on the overhead lighting, it's better to install lighting on different spots where you really need it, like the sofa where you read.

healthy and relaxing

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- nature inside - house plants around the room bring in a dash of nature. You can also put a big mirror opposite the window so that you create a sense of an even bigger presence of nature inside. If the window view includes buildings and not trees, consider hanging a landscape photograph on the wall.

- minimalism - you can put your mind completely at rest if you declutter the living room in a visual sense. A clean-cut room appears inviting with almost any work at all. Actually, it only takes you a couple of hours to leave only the necessities in the living room, while the rest of the stuff can be put away in other rooms or kept safe in a storage unit outside your home. A clutter-free space allows you to breathe deeply and to put your mind at ease whenever you decide.

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Garden - a piece of nature of our own

If you are lucky to have a small garden, you should definitely make it a sanctuary. It is easily achieved with a couple of important details:

- simple containers - large pots of unusual shapes and colors always bring joy into a garden. Terra-cotta and oxidized metal finishes will do wonders. Just remember to have simple plants, the ones you know who to grow without too much trouble.


- spiritual symbols - whatever the symbol of your faith is, have it in your garden - a Buddha or an angel always help to focus and meditate. Place the symbol in a reflective space or in a dappled shade.

- calming sounds - hang some wind chimes or install outdoor speakers so that you can listen to the relaxing music. If you plant bamboos or whispering grasses, you'll enjoy natural sounds, as well as attract birds and bees.

healthy and relaxing

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- water - a pond or a pool contribute to the soothing ambiance, just make sure it doesn't gush loudly.

All in all

Your home is your shelter, so you are the person who knows best how to make it a perfect relaxing place for you. These tips are also here for you to inspire you to come up with your own ideas.

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