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Homes & Land Blog > Home-Buying Is an Emotional Process

Home-Buying Is an Emotional Process

We know the feeling.

You walk in through the front door of a home for sale, and you immediately sense that this could be the one. This could be where you lay down your roots. This could be home.

That feeling comes from an understanding of what that home you're looking at could become for you and your family. Home-buying is an emotional, consequential process for home buyers. It involves your head but also your heart. You know your future home is so much more than a house purchase.


How to Know if a House Is Right for You

The process begins when people tour their future home. You step into the living room or the kitchen or the primary bedroom and... something happens. You feel an attachment forming. You start to imagine a future inside the space. You visualize your pets playing on the kitchen floor and your children running through the halls. Stockings hanging on the mantel, birthdays, celebratory dinners and late nights in the living room. The tour triggers your hopes and dreams for the future. How can you make this house your home?

But, this whirlwind of home-buying emotions can lead home buyers to make costly financial decisions. As sentimental as the home-buying process can be, buyers need to resist the urge to allow these decisions to be guided by feelings alone. Rushed decisions can lead to overpaying for a home and spreading your finances too thin, among other difficulties. To help avoid these pitfalls...

Heed These 3 Tips When Choosing a House:

  1. Trust the Expertise of a Great Real Estate Agent

To avoid these potentials pitfalls, home buyers need to rely on trustworthy, reliable real estate professionals to help them navigate the emotions and make the best decision for their future.

Among many other advantages provided, real estate agents can offer the best, most accurate information about a listing, including local aspects about an area or neighborhood. Agents know the neighborhood, the school districts, the previous owners, and the story of an individual home. As significant as the first impression of a home is, it’s important to consider many different aspects before diving into the weighty commitment of a mortgage note.



  1. Identify Reputable Sources

In recent years, the real estate industry has been plagued with "other" websites intent on extracting contact information  to drive weak leads to realtors or remove them from the process altogether. These sites are not only filled with inaccuracies in home estimates and inactive listings, but they also function to squeeze realtors into paying for oversaturated  online advertising packages. 

The result is increasingly diminishing returns for home-buyers and -sellers and the real estate professionals trying to guide them through a tremendously essential process.

These sites create a lose-lose situation for all involved:

  • The home-buyers get an overwhelming amount of agents contacting them, creating an exhausting churn of phone calls and emails.
  • The real estate agents end up paying far too much for listing leads only to fiercely compete with other realtors.
  • The agent, pressed to chase leads, does not take the time to fully understand the buyer's needs.

With no real connection to the communities they purport to sell to, these sites have created a transaction-focused culture, neglecting a crucial component in the home-buying process; the emotional experience.

How do we fix this no-win situation to improve the home-buying process and return the most important aspect: creating a knowledgeable, accommodating, and trustworthy experience? What needs to change?



  1. Rely on Homes & Land

Homes & Land is committed to offering advertising channels with access to knowledgeable agents in hyper-local real estate markets across the United States and Canada. After being in the real estate business for more than 45 years, we understand the value real estate agents bring to the table. The home-buying process can be a challenging, emotional journey and your real estate agent should understand the importance of a home to you and your loved ones.

At Homes & Land we have created a simplified online and offline search process. By focusing on the agent and their listing portfolio, we provide a personal, reputable process to search for your perfect home.

We know how important, stressful, and emotional the process of buying a home can be. You can trust us.

We know the feeling.


Home Buyers: Explore Reputable Listings Now

Realtors: Be Seen as a Trusted Expert



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