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Homes & Land Blog > The Best Window Designs for 2018

The Best Window Designs for 2018

Everything about your home can reflect your personality. How you use your furniture, paint your rooms and add decors can speak about your creativity and style. If you have a home which is messy and disorganized, visitors might think that you’re also the same as a person. Alternatively, if you have a home that’s well-polished and neat, they can also conclude that you’re a very meticulous person and homeowner, as well. This is why you should be careful about picking what to use in your home, especially when it comes to your window designs. Your windows can create an impression to your visitors – and whether that impression is in a negative or positive way, solely depends on your choices.

The windows of your home are one of the first things your visitor will see. Even if they’re viewing your home from the outside, your windows can give them an idea what it’s like to be inside. Your window choices can also help them determine what kind of a person or homeowner you are. If you’re planning to replace your old windows with new ones or you’re having another house built up, consider the following window designs for 2018:

  1. Bay windows: Bay windows are not generally a breakthrough when it comes to window designs. In fact, this window design has been used by homeowners for many years – and it’s not hard to see why. Bay windows are a perfect combination of classic design and sophistication. It might look simple but with the right materials and colors, bay windows can become your home’s feature window. Aside from its appearance, bay windows also offer versatility and have a long list of benefits. When you use this window in your home, you’ll be able to bask in stunning outdoor views and natural light. Additionally, bay windows allow you to have window seats (which you can personalize with fur, foam or other cushions), extra storage and more floor space. Picture2
  1. Gliding windows: Also called as slider windows, gliding windows are a practical choice for homeowners who don’t have too much space in their property. Since gliding windows can be opened and closed without protruding, this window design is perfect for rooms which are facing walkways, patios or pavements. Gliding windows create a sharp and clean look which complements any modern home.
  1. Southern style windows: If your home has a vintage feel, a southern style window will look great in it. This window design gives a shabby chic look which works well for homes which are antique or old. The swinging shutters of this window design provide style and sophistication unlike any other window design. Aside from the look it can give, southern style windows can also increase the value of your home and property.
  1. Floor to ceiling glass windows: Floor to ceiling glass windows are suitable for homes which are built around picturesque sceneries. If your home was built around forests, beaches or cities, floor to ceiling glass windows can provide you with breathtaking views of these sights. You can also choose this window design if you want to add more light to your room. Floor to ceiling glass windows look modern but doesn’t compromise the function of a conventional window.
  1. Privacy glass windows: Your bathroom requires privacy. You don’t want people peeking around because they know they can, right? For your bathroom, privacy glass windows are an excellent option. This type of window usually comes in different patterns and designs, hiding your bathroom in the most creative way possible. With the variety available, you can choose one which fits your personality while making your bathroom look modern and fresh.
  2. Classic French windows: The classic French door window is slowly gaining its popularity. This window design is very elegant and can enhance the aesthetic value of your home. It’s classic and timeless and can make any home look good. Classic French windows can be used in your balcony, sunroom and back patio.


  1. Entry door windows: First impressions really do last. And if you want to create a good one, surprise your visitors with entry door windows. Compared to other window designs, entry door windows are used in the front or the main entrance of your property. This can either come with windows on the side of the doors (which allows visitors to get a glimpse of your spacious or airy hallway) or above the doors (which can give your home a classical townhouse look). Regardless of the style you’ll pick, an entry door window can surely resemble the overall theme of your home.
  2. Skylight windows: Skylight windows are one of the best window designs you can use if you want to add more natural light in a stuffy room in your home. This window design adds light without compromising storage or privacy, unlike other windows. Since skylight windows are placed on top of a room, it can be a very good source of ventilation as well. Aside from being practical, skylight windows can bring the outside in. Just imagine laying in your bed while being able to gaze in the views of the night sky. This is something only skylight windows can give you.

Windows Are Essential

Windows provide an aesthetic value to your home. With the right window design, your home can look luxurious and lavish without spending too much. It can also help make tight spaces in your home look bigger and wider. A window can even become a homeowner’s pride and joy, especially if they consider it as an investment. Be careful on what window design you pick so you can enjoy all the benefits it can give to you and your home. Call professionals from a window film depot for help, consider this article as your guide and you’re good to go!

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