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Homes & Land Blog > Do Billboards Work for Real Estate Agents?

Do Billboards Work for Real Estate Agents?

The question that many young or new real estate agents often ask is “Do billboards work for realtors?” The answer to this question is a resounding YES. However, like any other form of advertisement, the design of the billboard is critical.

As technology has evolved in the world of advertising, it appears that even seasoned real estate agents have forgotten the appeal of billboards. These strategically placed, often larger-than-life outdoor advertisements have been around for many decades and, by all accounts, they can yield great returns as an advertisement tool.

A female realtor showing a listing to potential buyers who discovered her via an effective real estate billboard

Like all other forms of advertisement, one must know how to use the billboard. When placed in the right location, billboards may be seen by thousands of people every single day. However, just randomly making a huge billboard and placing it over an overpass does not work. Real estate billboards that work must not only be strategically placed but also have attention paid to the color, text, font, size - not to mention the latest electronic innovations to make it stand out. 

The key aspect to remember is that the motorist is driving and will only catch a glimpse of the catchy real estate billboard for 5-10 seconds. So in that span of time, you need to get his or her undivided attention so that your contact information be obtained. To maximize the return on real estate billboards that work, the design has to be perfect. Here are some tricks for using billboard to increase your listings.

10 Tips for Creating Real Estate Billboards That Work

A billboard on the side of a building

  1. Use an Easy-to-Read Font.

     When designing a billboard, the font has to be clear and large so that people can read it from a distance. Skinny fonts and small words should be avoided. Besides, the text has to be a few words or the driver will miss the information.
  2. Make Your Contact Information Stand Out.

    The most important text on a billboard should be your contact information. There should be one phone number clearly listed and it should stand out. The driver usually won't be able to absorb any more information. Avoid listing your web address as it will be missed. Remember, most people carry a mobile and will quickly want to add your number to their mobile directory. A “follow us” message can be effective as well.
  3. Avoid Clutter.

    Even though you may want to add more information about real estate or your personal information, avoid the urge as this will lead to clutter and make it difficult for the passing motorist to know what is important. Most drivers who scan the billboard only read the title and then want the contact information.
  4. Avoid Too Many Numbers.

     Passing motorists who may want to contact you can get confused if you have too many numbers listed. In a few seconds, they just want to catch your number, and thus to prevent confusion, other than your phone number do not add any other numbers.
  5. Emphasize the Message.

     Besides the contact information, the Billboard should emphasize the key message. If you are trying to get listings, your target should be home sellers. By keeping the message concise and direct, you can target the right customer. The message should immediately create confidence in the driver that you may be just the right realtor to sell his/her home. The message should be in a different font and color compared to the phone number. If you are targeting home buyers, consider adding a short message like ‘thinking of relocating” ‘downsizing’ or ‘your dream home is within reach.’ Such messages immediately tell the passing motorist what they need to know and whether to search for the contact information.
  6. Focus on the Customer.

     Even though you may want to brag about your skills and experiences as a realtor, it is important to keep the billboard message focused on the customer. Offering a compelling and empathetic message to the customer is the key. For example, you may want to add something like ‘Earth is the Best Investment’ or ‘If You Need Closure, Buy a Home.’
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  7. Build Your Brand.

    For a billboard to work as an effective ad, you need to have a cohesive brand. Every billboard you make should deliver a consistent look and feel. With time, all passing motorists will be able to recognize your brand just from the color and the print. While this may not automatically lead to more phone calls, it will lead to wider recognition. Hence, the billboard should be cohesive in the print, message, and design.
  8. Create an Emotion.

    A key feature of effective billboards is that they should immediately create an emotion; you should capitalize on this and create positive emotions by connecting the customer to your brand. This is best done with imagery and text with quotes like “Landlords Grow Rich in their Sleep.’
  9. Be Creative.

    In order to capture the attention of the motorist, potential home buyer, or seller, it is important to have fun and be creative at the same time. Make a billboard that is different and uses the latest high-tech gadgets to make it stand out.
  10. Be Concise.

    Because the passing motorist will only see the Billboard for a few seconds, it is important to get the message out in a few words. Select the keywords, and omit long sentences. Before you even post the billboard get an opinion from your colleagues and friends.

Billboards may be an “old school” form of advertisement, but they are still very effective in generating sales in many businesses including real estate. The key is to place the billboard at a strategic location where it is most likely to be seen.

Remember: less is more. Have only one phone number, keep the message simple, and use positive emotions to attract the potential customer. With most people carrying a mobile phone today, the one piece of information that should stand out is your contact information. By keeping the message relevant, your phone will start ringing off the hook.

Keep it ringing; create your Homes & Land profile now to connect with the clients who will grow your business and build your brand.

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