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Social Media Marketing: Make the Most of Your Platforms

Half of all buyers go online when they first embark on their home buying journey. When they get there, the gaggle of real estate agents vying for the home buyer’s attention is overwhelming. As an agent, your digital marketing efforts are critical if you want clients to notice you. Digital marketing and, more specifically, social media marketing has become a powerful tool to reach and convert clients in recent years.

Although some three out of every four real estate agents use social media marketing, many do not use it correctly or harness its full potential.  Here are 6 tips to improve your social media engagement to drive potential customers to your business.

Full Funnel Strategy

Consider both ends of the sales funnel when you are constructing your real estate marketing strategies. Use top-of-the-funnel tactics like content marketing, Facebook Live, and search engine optimization (SEO) to get awareness for your brand and business. Use bottom-of-the-funnel tactics like carousel ads, free trials and user communities to drive conversions, land sales, and add to your bottom line. 

CRMs And Your Marketing Spend

It's easy to wade into the land of digital marketing for your business with some social media posts, website SEO, and maybe a Google AdWords campaign or two. But, your digital marketing campaigns can quickly spiral into a full-time job. And you may start wondering if you’re a digital marketer or a real estate agent. You could hire a marketing assistant, but nowadays it can often be a better investment to partner with a CRM that can help spearhead some of your marketing efforts, so you can focus on what’s important for you and your brand – increasing your client base in your local real estate market.


Target Marketing with Facebook

If you discover your real estate brand resonates with a certain demographic or specific group of people, Facebook offers tons of free tools to narrow the focus of your paid ads. Algorithms identify people similar to your clients, with astonishing accuracy. With Facebook ads, you can get in front of these people and make your case. It's targeted advertising, at its best. 

Facebook Pixeling

You can 'pixel' potential clients. What does that mean? A Facebook pixel follows leads who click on your Facebook or Instagram ads that lead them to your site and tells you what actions they are taking. Are they filling out a contact form? Are they reading a blog article? With the Facebook pixel, you can get a better handle on who is going to respond to your ad, target those people, and better measure and understand the results of your ad campaign.   

Video Marketing – A Low-Tech Idea! (Sort of)

Did you know that video content performs the best at capturing your audience's attention? And 55% of people say they pay close attention to videos, as opposed to just skimming them. Video marketing, as an advertising platform, is a great resource to build your brand, and take your message out to the masses.

It also enables you to connect with your audience, establish yourself as a living, breathing human being, build trust, and ultimately land conversions.  Video is the easiest way to engage your prospects on a personal level, leading to increased trust in the perception of your business and yourself.



Content may be king, but it also costs money and your time to construct and share. Keep the content fresh, but remember, if something performed well on one social media platform, spread the love to other platforms. You can also recycle content over time, too. Just be very sure to keep it updated to current trends and changes in your market.

Nearly half of real estate firms told the National Association of Realtors that they find it difficult to keep up with technology. In that same 2019 survey, realtors who were asked which technologies were the most valuable to them included social media platforms in their top-three responses. Obviously, there’s both huge potential benefit but also a learning curve associated with social media marketing strategies.

However, to real estate professionals who invest the time and retain the right resources, these strategies can build your brand, your business, and your client base so you can continue doing what you do best: guide clients in the purchase of their next home.   

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