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5 Carpet Trends

5 Carpet Trends

1 Soft and silky

When it comes to how carpet feels, manufacturers are going soft. Several new yarns feel like silk under- foot and are available in a wide array of colors and patterns. You’ll be able to feel the difference by simply touching and standing on the carpet samples.

2Stain Resistant

In previous years, carpets were treated with a chemical to help prevent stains from permanently soaking into the nylon carpet fibers. A new yarn, called triexta, has stain resistance integrated into the fibers, making cleanup easier than before. Even difficult food, wine, and pet stains come out with very little effort. Look for the durable and soft triexta yarn under the trade name Sorona® or SmartStrand®.

3 Extremely Durable


New carpet fibers also stay twisted and spring back better than nylons and polyesters of the past. Because of this new durability, several manufacturers are offering lifetime warranties.

4 Fresh Patterns & Colors

Patterns and two-tone motifs are very trendy and much more affordable than before. Today you can purchase a carpet with a repeating design in two colors for about the same price as a solid color carpet. Prefer some- thing more subtle? Consider a sculpted pattern created by varying the cut and loop lengths. Both options offer another advantage – they disguise footprints.

5 Allergy & Earth Friendly

If allergies are a concern for your family, consider choosing products tagged with the Green Label from the Carpet and Rug Institute. The Green Label ensures that the carpet has a low-VOC rating, which means there is minimal off-gassing and what low odor there is should dissipate within 48 to 72 hours. Many of the new carpet fibers are also considered earth- friendly. They are made from significant amounts of renew- able resources and recyclable materials. The fibers can also be recycled for use in new products should you choose to replace them.

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